I logged in and saw the notification that it’s been five years today since I registered an account here on WordPress. Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed even as a young kid. I never brought any of my fictional work to this community but I have still enjoyed writing reviews and sharing pieces of my life here. My blog has sat abandoned for a good 2 or 3 years until recently when I picked it back up. I never even thought about deleting my account, and from time to time I would even check back on my “old” blog just to look at it and be at least a little proud of all the movie reviews I wrote.

Life is a rollercoaster for everyone, and mine has certainly not been an exception. I can list an abundance of reasons why I stopped blogging, but what’s important is the fact that I am back and I’m sharing bits of my life as it progresses. I use this site as more of a journal than anything else. My posts in general are directed toward an audience simply because it’s exactly how I would write if I were writing in a physical journal for no one but myself. This is a space for me to clear my head through my own posts, and through reading the posts of others. I don’t know how active I will be in another 5 years, but I can at least say that this blog will still be live…active or not.