For the first half of 2018 I did really well cutting back on Sodas. It started in 2017 when I went down to one soda per day, and it led to a New Years resolution in 2018 that I would only be able to drink soda on Saturdays. For a few months I am proud to say that I stuck to it for the most part. I drank water with more meals, or alternative drinks with less or no sugar. However…this did not last and toward summer time I was back to drinking Soda whenever I wanted.

Whats worse is that I now eat more than I ever have as well. Oh do I eat. I’m not over weight, and most people are jealous that I can eat more than my over weight friends and still not gain weight. But…the truth is that I have gained some pounds in 2018. I haven’t bought bigger pants yet, but my pants have gotten a lot tighter for sure and I do have a little tummy showing now where I used to be skinny enough to lay flat and put my fingers under my ribs.

I know, I know…your saying “oh here we go, another skinny brat who thinks they are fat”. I’m not saying that at all. I’m simply aware of my bad habits and that I am on track to continue picking up more weight unless I change some things. Firstly I need to go back to cutting down my soda. Soda is by far my worse habit. I don’t smoke or do drugs or anything like that. But given the chance I could out drink anyone when it comes to soda. It’s my liquid love! Secondly, I need to learn some portion control. I tend to eat…and eat…and eat…then eat some more. I need to watch my meal sizes and above all, cut back my snacking. Late night snacking is my enemy. Late night is the BEST time EVER to snack! Watching some movies, playing games, etc. You get a little hungry and you raid the kitchen for whatever you can find. In my case that’s usually one of everything I can get my hands on. A cookie, cupcake, ice cream sandwich, fruit rollup, chips, and Cheezits? YES PLEASE! And I literally mean all of them. I’ll pick a starting point and before I know it, the food is gone! It’s magic!

This isn’t healthy and I know that. But what is really killing my health is my very strict spending habits during the work week. I tend to spend a lot of money on the weekends, so during the work week I don’t like to spend much money, if any at all. So if I do end up buying lunch from somewhere, it’s usually something like a $5 box at Hardees or the 2 for $3 Fry Lover burgers at Rally’s. I have to admit I find both places to be delicious. I’m sort of a stuck up person who lives like I have more money than I actually do, but I can’t resist the deliciousness of cheap fast food. YUM! I save money and my taste buds love me for it.

So…I’m on track to become over weight, clog my arteries, and find myself as a diabetic. My doctor, during my annual wellness visits the past couple of years has expressed concern for my blood sugar levels. I’m not at the diabetic level, but I’m not far off either. I have every reason to change my ways, but doing so will be a challenge. I hope that for 2019 I can motivate myself to change and to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s one thing to want to be around on this earth for a long time, and it’s another to want to be around in good health for a long time. I don’t want to spend my final years fighting health issues that I caused myself. I’m smarter than that and I know that I can do better.

But damn…that burger in the featured image of this post….OHHHHHHHHH.