I’ll go ahead and clarify that I don’t mean travel the world. I’ve never flown in a plane and I’m actually scared to do so. I’m not saying I never will, but when I refer to wanting to travel more I just mean I want to get out of my own home town more often and see new places. I’m a simple person…I don’t need a big city to keep me entertained or anything. I just want fresh new places to see at an affordable cost.

With that being said I want to travel to places that are 5 hours or less from where I live. It may not seem like I could have any big adventures that way, but I can assure you that it will be adventure enough for me and my finacee. Since we met we have taken several small weekend getaways together, both with and without her son. I’ve enjoyed every single one and I’ve never traveled as much before I met her. We don’t typically go far…sometimes an hour or two away and sometimes 3 or 4 hours away. We usually stay one night, but have made some trips two night stays. What has kept us from taking even more than we already have been is that we like to stay at nice hotels. A good portion of the time we got really good deals for what we were getting. Other times we were forced to pay high prices for rooms that were above the rest.

For 2019 though we have devised a different approach. We want to challenge ourselves to see just how cheaply we can take little weekend getaways. I’m talking going from $200 a night rooms to $50-$70 rooms. We actually just went to Missouri for the weekend a couple weeks back. And we stayed at an Inn for only $66 a night. This was the least expensive room we had ever stayed in, and by far the least fancy place we’d ever stayed. But to our surprise the room was pretty nice…just a traditional typical hotel room. It even had a fridge and microwave, which are things that some of the nicer rooms we have stayed in didn’t even have. We were shocked to say the least. This sparked the idea that we should give cheaper hotels/Inns a chance and literally budget our trips and make a game of it.

We would of course look at cheaper places with decent online reviews. This particular Inn where we stayed a couple weeks ago had very good online ratings with the major travel sites. We have looked at a handful of places, including bigger cities and found that there is an abundance of lower cost hotels/Inns with very good ratings. Some are major chains we have heard of, and some are totally new to us. I am excited to give this a shot and I feel confident that we will love playing the budget game and love the time we all get together. This strategy will also allow us to take a weekend trip every weekend for 2019 once we get this plan up and running. Here in a couple of weeks we intend to sit down and plan out all of our trips for the year. Some trips with a budget of less than $200 including gas and food. It’s a good thing I have a Prius and that she doesn’t care if we just eat at Burger King.

We will be spending less on some our trips than I’ve spent at fine dining restaurants in the past! Yes, I love a good luxurious trip just as the next person, but I can have more trips and arguably more fun with our new plan. 2019 will be our beta phase for this idea, and if it works, then I’d like to think that in 2020 we can take two or three trips every month! We will just have to see how our finances are at that time. I should be making more money, but I want us to save considerably as well, and that’s not something I want to sacrifice. But I believe in our ability to make this work.

We have struggled quite a bit as a couple through the fall and now winter, but we are taking corrective action to get our own lives and our relationship back on track. And having fun taking little trips together helps us feel close. Like any couple we just want to be happy together. This could be a great thing for us!