When I was a teen and even only a few years ago in my very early 20’s I just knew I would be someone some day. I knew I’d be successful, have plenty of money, drive a nice car, and love whatever it was I was doing. I’m going on 28 years old now and what I have learned is that I may have wanted all of that but it doesn’t just get handed to me. I never made a plan of action to conquer my greatest ambitions. Instead I played video games and got by with the jobs I was able to get. And yet somehow I managed to believe that I would still become something great…someone who called the shots and made the money.

2019 is the barrier to my road of delusional thinking.

I needed to hit this barrier head on in order to wake up and realize that I am wasting away my youth doing nothing with my life. And since becoming an owner in my current company I’ve learned that I’m ready to become the person I always knew I would be. I will accomplish this through my own efforts and dedication. No longer will I sit around and wait for something to happen, because it won’t if I don’t do anything. And even though a heavy focus in this line of thinking is on my career and financial status, I’m also going to be focusing on other areas as well including my health. It’s about time I cut out sodas and excessive snacking and try to eat smaller portioned meals.

This should all become easier when my fiancee moves in with me and we can help motivate each other to be healthier. On my own I don’t even think much about all the snacking I do, or running to the fridge multiple times to open up another soda. I’m typically watching a movie or invested in a video game, so I just get up and quickly gather a drink and snack so I can return to what I was doing. I’d like to begin by limiting the amount of junk food in my house. If there isn’t much there, I can’t eat much. I’m also the type of person who likes to save some for later. So if there isn’t much to begin with, then I will ration it by eating a smaller portion of what I do have so it will last another few days. This can greatly reduce my consumption of junk food.

If I can live healthy, happy, and successfully then I can say I properly lived my life.