On the last day of August in 2018 I closed on my first house (not the one in the pic above…I WISH). I wanted something that was 3 bedroom, 2 baths, and had at least a one car garage. The one I found had it all and was even a 2 car garage. It was built in 1999 and was quite modern compared to most other homes I looked at. It’s on the east side of my city, which is the side that is growing rapidly and keeping property values strong. But even though it was technically a “move in ready” home, there was a lot I wanted changed about it…

For the first two months of owning it I continued to live with my parents because of the renovations we (my dad and I) were doing to it. Any carpet in the house was pulled up and replaced with wood flooring. I replaced all lighting fixtures in the house including ceiling fans, recess lights, dining room lighting, etc. And of course the house got a new paint job in all but one room. What we didn’t expect to run into was damage to the living room ceiling. When we had taken the carpet upstairs up, we could clearly see that there had been at some point in the past, a leak from the upstairs bathroom that had spilled out into one of the upstairs bedrooms. The wood under the carpet was very stained from whatever had happened. And we later discovered that the ceiling in the living room below that area had been affected.

I learned this when I went to paint the ceiling in the living room. The ceiling was literally peeling off as I was going over it with the paint roller. This resulted in us having to scrape the entire living room ceiling and having my uncle apply new dry wall mud. It took a lot of work on his part, but he finally got it fixed and the ceiling in the living room is now fresh and beautiful. It was frustrating for sure, but it isn’t something that the home inspector could have seen, so it’s simply one of those things that comes with owning a house.

When the weather warms up I can’t wait to get out and power wash the house. My fiancee and I are also talking about new vinyl for certain areas of the house that will make the house really “pop”. And since it would be crazy (obviously) to stop there, we are also currently pricing fencing for the back yard so her dog can stay out there. These are just the main things that I have done, or will do to the house. There are other smaller things that we think of all the time! It’s crazy how many things you can do to a house…and it’s equally as expensive and chaotic and even fun.

Home ownership has hit me like a ton of bricks but I have to say that I absolutely love it. I couldn’t have the beautiful home that I do without the help of my parents and especially my dad and his hard work that he put into it. Blood, sweat, and tears literally created the renovations that changed the entire look of the house. It was a good looking home when I bought it, but its astonishing now. And the bathrooms….oh my….the new bathroom vanities, mirrors, lighting, flooring, and paint colors makes being in them a wonderful experience, even if you’re in there because that Mexican food is kicking your ass! You’d still love it!

With so many possibilities I have no doubts that we will continue making changes here and there and adding more stuff to the house. Updating the exterior lighting, updating the garage door opener, painting the garage, fixing up the front lawn, replacing most of the blinds in the house….it goes on and on and on and on and on and on….