Balancing the weight of activities involved with co-owning a business, keeping my relationship in good standing, and trying to meet a $30,000 commission goal by December 31st…this is gonna be MY year.

You may be wondering why I’m so positive about this, but it’s actually very simple. Co-owning a business is a wonderful thing for many reasons. Firstly would be the learning experience that I’m getting from it. I’ve never used quickbooks before this, but now I have. I’ve also worked with my two partners to help settle differences between them AND save the company money in the process. My increased responsibilities keep me on my feet and keep me thinking. And beyond that, I’m thinking in new ways and looking a scenarios from every angle. Additionally I’m learning to keep track of the bank account in ways I’ve never had to keep up with my own personal account. I’m setting reminders left and right on my phone, but I’m not skipping a beat and not missing any appointments. I feel very much in control of both my future and that of the company itself.

On top of all of this, I also have a commission goal of $30,000 to reach this year. This applies to myself and one of my other partners. In my line of work reaching that is honestly not that difficult, especially with first year bonuses from some of the products we sale. But the most beautiful part of it, is that even as an owner of my current company, we still personally get commissions on the products we sell. The commission rate is 50%. So that’s pretty easy math…If I do reach that goal, then that’s $15,000 I made for myself right off the top! And after that, the other 15k is paid to the business and will be distributed to us based on our equity holdings, after expenses of course. Not too bad if I say so myself.

Here is how it breaks down then. My total income for 2019 can easily be double that of my total 2018 income. This comes from a slight increase in my salary, my distributions as an owner, and any commissions I receive this year. 2019 could be a great year for me financially, and if it is, then I only stand to make the following years even better. You see, the 50% commission rate isn’t just first year…it’s ongoing. So for all the business that I continue to maintain moving forward, those commissions will only build and build with more and more sales that I make. And by far the best part about any of it, is that I make these commissions by saving people and businesses money. That’s what being an insurance agent is all about. I got in this business to make money by saving people money and that will always be my goal.

As icing on the cake my relationship remains to be in great shape with my finacee. After a troubling two or three months last year, we have stayed the course for better things. We are happier together and we have learned to work together through our issues and continue to keep an open dialogue. She will be moving back in around June and I cannot wait. The wait is absolutely killing me. I never wanted her to move out back over Christmas break, and with things so good between us I am crawling in my skin as I wait for her to return to me for good. Only seeing her on the weekends is nothing but a tease, but it is also the best part of my weeks. I may enjoy what I do for a living, but I still live for the weekends so that I can be with my girl. And soon, I will get to see her every single day.

While everything is pretty solid right now, I know that things can change in a single moment. But I’m ready to face whatever this year may have to throw at me. The pressure is on, but I’ve got this!