Well that was quick…Summer is almost over and I can’t believe it. My fiancee and her son have been living with me since the end of May, we got a BMW about a month ago, I’ve seen my friends more this summer than any other, I went to Chicago for the first time, I’ve made about 1.5k over the summer with my stock simulation portfolio, and on top of it all I brought my practically dead yard back to life…it’s crazy, all you have to do is water it! Who knew?

Yes, after all the talk of my fiancee in previous posts, she has finally moved back in with me and overall things have been good. I’ve learned to cooked a little bit, and realized that I really enjoy seasoning things. It started with seasoning either some chicken breasts or some burgers. I guess it made me feel like I knew what I was doing, but that led down a dark path…There may have been a complaint around the house of a pop tart that I prepared having a spicy chili kick to it that didn’t mesh well with the original “cookies n cream” flavor. But it was the garlic lemon pepper hot dogs that inevitably got me banned from my own kitchen. What can ya do?

Ok, ok…I’m just kidding. I’m not crazy enough to season pop tarts or ruin an all American classic. I promise.

Let’s see, what else. So I started trading fake money via an online stock simulation game back at the beginning of the year. I haven’t done much with it until the last couple of weeks. So it’s basically just been riding on the 2 ETFs that I invested in. The original balance was $100,000 and I am now sitting at $101,422. I am hoping to change that now that I have a little bit more time to play around with it. I enjoy stock trading in real life, but I can be far more active and take on more risk if I’m trading with money that isn’t real. Ultimately it’s just good practice.

Chicago, Oh Chicago! We went to Chicago for what was my first time ever. I was amazed at the size of it. Prior to that trip, a large city to me was Louisville, KY or Nashville, TN. But Chicago made these other cities seem SMALL. I actually just went to Nashville a week ago, and I couldn’t believe how small it seemed after having been to Chicago. It was busy, beautiful, and chaotic at the same time. When it came to the downtown area, I was surprised for two main reasons. Firstly, the average person (in my experience anyway) seemed to at least have basic manners. I guess I assumed that with so many people, that the average person would be an asshole (no offense to anyone living in a big city), but I was wrong. And secondly I learned that the taxi drivers are in fact, actual assholes. They don’t care about you or your car, all they care about is where they are going and how to get there as quickly as possible. It’s ok though, that Chicago style deep dish pizza made it all worth it. Mmmmmmmm.

Getting to see my friends this summer has been great too. Our Chicago trip was actually to visit a friend of mine and meet his wife for the first time. I met this particular friend in the online world a few years back. We were both gamers and we hit it off from the start. It only took a year or two and I had already met him in person. Since then, we have met up quite a few times to hang out. Just like two old men sitting in the corner at Hardee’s for breakfast, he and I can talk for hours about anything and everything.

As a final thought to a long overdue post, I was able to revive my yard after it took a slide to the brown side. With a $4 sprinkler from Walmart my yard is “mostly” green again. I guess that’s about it. Not really anything exciting, but I was certainly happy about it. 🙂

In conclusion, another summer has almost past, and while I’m sad to see summer go, I’m pleased with the overall progress that has been made in my life.

Life is simply chugging along, not to slow, a little too fast, but I’m here.