Life doesn't always make sense, it's merely an abstracticality!

About the author


I’m Chris McBride, owner of the Abstracticality. A few years back I created this blog as a movie review site. I have always enjoyed movies and I have equally enjoyed writing. In my high school days I wrote several fictional works for my own enjoyment, and then progressed into blogging as a college student.

I now use this site for more casual blogging. My life has greatly changed both professionally and personally, and through my posts I want to share stories and experiences, offer advice, meet other wonderful bloggers like you and learn new things from them, and lastly, this is simply a way for me to document my life. This offers a place to let my thoughts go wild while also intertwining those thoughts with the input of others like yourself.

I still keep all of my old movie reviews and blog posts. Because why delete them to start over? I may be shifting my focus with my posts, but I am not starting over. I am simply picking back up where I left off…just in a new way.

So what do I do? I earned by Bachelor’s degree in business back in 2014 and I currently co-own an insurance agency in Indiana, focusing on group health benefits. It’s what most sane people would try to stay away from when choosing a career path, but I enjoy what I do…and what I do is make money by saving people money and offering them solid coverage.

Enjoy your stay here and feel free to like, comment, follow, and reach out to me to take a look at your blog as well!

10 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Nice blog rework 😉 Although let me recommend you to watch out about the double-sided widget bar. You should put different things right and left. Enjoy !

    1. Thanks, I will look into that. Wasn’t sure how mobile friendly the right side would be. So I was hesitant. Guess it shows I am new to this. Loving the blogging environment though!

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