In the spirit of suggesting a movie this Halloween that you maybe haven’t seen, I bestow upon  the WordPress community…1983’s “Christine”.


While riding in a car with his friend one day, nerdy Arnold Cunningham finds an old beat up and rusty 1950’s Plymouth, that he immediately take a liking to and decides that he must have under any condition. He pays the owner $250 and takes the car to a “fix it yourself” garage for safe keeping. The car transforms Cunningham’s lifestyle. The once nerdy and shy boy, is now a stronger, more independent, and opinionated young man. He lands the hottest girl in school, loses the glasses, and starts dressing like a villain. His attitude toward others, including his friends and new girlfriend changes. He begins to care about nothing more than his car, Christine.


A fan of cars myself, I found this movie to be most enjoyable. I’m not sure what I like more…the car, or it’s sinister spirit. I’m definitely a fan of the concept. It’s a car with a mind of it’s own yes, but it seems to be motivated by love. It has to have an owner to love it so it can brainwash it’s owner to becoming and remaining obsessed with it’s care. We’ve already seen killer cars, but this one steals your heart…and then your soul.

I don’t watch that many older movies, so when I find one that I like it’s a surprise to myself and everyone around me. I would normally rant about the crappy 80’s effects or the music, but with this movie I’m satisfied the way that it is. The music plays a key part as a matter of fact. Since Christine is a 50’s automobile, she only plays 50’s music. The music usually describes her mood or something she is trying to say.

Christine 3

I find it funny that Christine gets jealous of Cunningham’s girlfriend. At one point Christine chose not to start until Cunningham assured her that things wouldn’t change (women, right?). And at another point she tried to kill his girlfriend…you know…typical jealous reactions. Either way, this car loved it’s owner and together they were out for revenge!

I hope you can get a chance to view this fantastic film before Halloween has passed! Happy Halloween bloggers!